We offer you an extraordinary trip that you will never forget: both from the point of view of comfort and enjoyment (with superior accommodation) and from a professional and educational perspective

What do I offer that others don’t?

1. VEHICLE. For a photographer, having an unobstructed view is essential when taking photos. Unlike most tours that pack cars with clients, our trips have ONLY 3 PEOPLE PER CAR, one per row. This ensures that, no matter which side the animal appears on, you will always have a clear view and the perfect angle to capture the shot.

2. LODGING. Our lodging is always of SUPERIOR CATEGORY. These are not simple tents, but luxurious accommodations with bathtubs, outdoor pools, and high-quality food. It is very comfortable and located in the heart of the African savanna, harmoniously integrated with the environment, allowing you to enjoy wildlife even without leaving your room.

3. LOCATION AND SEASON. For each specific trip, I don’t just look for the best seasons and places for photography but also for exclusivity. I avoid typical tours during peak seasons when many vehicles surround the animals. I always seek out lesser-known places or times with fewer people so that both we and the animals can be comfortable and enjoy the experience.

4. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. With the assistance of local guides, I personally take charge of designing the entire route, from the places to rest to the sites to visit. In fact, before launching any new destination, we conduct a reconnaissance trip in advance, meaning that we verify with our own eyes all the services we will later add. We never offer anything that we haven’t tested ourselves.

5. LEARNING COMPONENT. Throughout the journey, participants can observe my methodology in its entirety, and naturally, they have the opportunity to clarify any doubts that may arise at any time.

All trips are designed with the utmost love and care.
I invite you to enjoy them.

Upcoming Journeys



Safari in Tanzania

Our African adventure begins in the Ndutu area. During this season, the large herds of herbivores are scattered between the Serengeti area and the northern part of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, in search of fresh pastures, followed by predators.

As it’s a wet season, occasional rainfall may occur. However, it’s the ideal time to visit this vast plain where most of the wildlife can be found. Additionally, during this time, you may witness hunting scenes, as the newborn offspring are vulnerable despite the protection of the herd.

The other major highlight of our trip is the Ngorongoro Crater, within which an immense concentration of wildlife coexists. The Ngorongoro Crater is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the largest intact volcanic caldera on the planet and is considered the eighth wonder of the world.

It’s a natural amphitheater surrounded by 600-meter-high walls, with a diameter of 20 kilometers, housing one of the world’s densest populations of large mammals. In a single day of safari, you can see an astonishing variety of animals, including the big predators.


January 28 - February 4

February 5-12


€ 5.800 Double room, € 6.800 Single room


6 people/2 vehicles
3 people per vehicle

“It's a natural amphitheater surrounded by walls 600 meters high, with a diameter of 20 kilometers”


Airport transfers Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) / hotel / Kilimanjaro airport

Domestic flight Arusha-Ndutu

Full board on safari days (double room)

Accommodation: Lake Masek Tented Lodge / Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge / Kahawa House Arusha

Private 4x4 vehicles WITHOUT WINDOWS (special for photographic safaris)

Flying Doctors (Helicopter Ambulance Service throughout the stay)

Senior and Native Naturalist - Professional Safari Guide with over 10 years of experience

Vehicle outlets for charging mobile phones

Local park entry fees and permits for National Parks and Ngorongoro Crater

Soft drinks, water, wine during the safari


Day 1. Pick up (Kilimanjaro International Airport) and transfer to the hotel (Arusha). Rest.

Day 2. Breakfast and departure to Arusha airport: charter flight to Ndutu. Accommodation at Lake Masek Tented Lodge, lunch, and departure to meet the migratory herds of herbivores from the Serengeti.

Days 3, 4, and 5. Full safari days. Departure to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Night at SERENA SAFARI LODGE.

Day 6. Descent into the Ngorongoro Crater. Photographic safari and picnic in the crater. Night at SERENA SAFARI LODGE.

Day 7. Last safari in the crater. Departure to Arusha. Night at Kahawa House Arusha.

Day 8. Transfer to Kilimanjaro Internacional Airport.

Required Equipment

Not Included

International flights


Extra pay €1,000 for a single room for the whole tour

Tanzania visa


Any personal expenses such as shopping, phone calls, laundry, and ironing services.



Bears in Finland

Finland is known as the ‘land of a thousand lakes.’ Just for that reason alone, it deserves our attention, although its main attraction lies in the imposing wildlife that reigns over these lands of abundant nature, with the bear as the undisputed king. We will be able to observe the behavior of bears in their natural habitat, and even to see them swimming just a few meters from us. With a bit of luck, we may also photograph the fascinating wolves of the area.

We will focus our journey on the extraordinary region of Kuhmo, celebrated among the world’s top nature photographers, as it is here in its forests that Finnish biodiversity reaches its peak. The bears await your arrival.





€ 2,450


Maximum 7 people

"In the 'land of a thousand lakes,' we have a date with majestic wildlife."


Photographic guidance by Alexandra Surkova and Omar Alonso

Pick-up and transfer to/from Helsinki airport, at the time that coincides with the group's flight

Van transfers between different destinations in Finland

Accommodation in a double room in a Helsinki hotel on the day of arrival

Full board

SHARED ROOM accommodation

Photographic editing WORKSHOP with Alexandra Surkova


Day 1: Arrival in Helsinki

Days 2 and 3: Bear hide by the lake

Day 4: Workshop with Alexandra Surkova

Days 5 and 6: Bear hide in the forest

Day 7: Return to Helsinki

*The program may be subject to modifications based on recommendations from local guides, the activity of animals during those dates, and/or flight schedules.

**Optional additional activities may be proposed at an extra cost for free time.

***Though the chances of sighting all species are very high, they cannot be guaranteed 100%.

Required Equipment

Not Included

Flights (we can offer the possibility to buy the ticket for you via the agency).

Meals other than those specified in the program. It does not include dinner on the first day. Alcoholic beverages and/or soft drinks during meals and dinners included in the trip.

Accident and cancellation insurance. It can be contracted through Eland Expeditions.



Wildlife Iberian Tour

Iberian wildlife is as astonishing as it is delicate, given the constant threat hanging over its fabulous species. We are talking, of course, about the Iberian lynx, the primary emblem of this spectacular territory, whose mere sighting can only be described as truly magical. I assure you that the first time your gaze meets that of an Iberian lynx, you never forget it.

However, the Iberian lynx is not the sole protagonist of this fantastic Wildlife Iberian Tour. If luck is on our side, we will also have the opportunity to observe and photograph marvelous specimens of royal and imperial eagles, black and griffon vultures, marsh harriers and buzzards, red kites, and black kites.


September 14-21 (LAST SPOTS)

January 18-25, 2025


€ 2,400


Maximum 6 people

"Something that can never be repeated but, thanks to your skills and knowledge, will be immortalized forever."


6 full days of Iberian wildlife photography from the best hides

3 full-day sessions of Iberian lynx photography

4 half-day sessions of raptor photography

Editing workshop

Accommodation in single rooms at top-rated hotels


Transfers from arrival to departure

Photography and video guidance from Alexandra Surkova and Luca Germini


Throughout the week, we will travel across Spanish landscapes to reach hides in the best locations, providing the best chances to photograph up close the most emblematic species of Iberian wildlife, including:

Iberian lynx | royal eagle | imperial eagle | griffon vulture | black vulture | marsh harrier | red kite | black kite | buzzard

(*Obviously, since these are wild animals in their natural habitat, their appearance may be influenced by external factors)

Required Equipment

Not Included

All meals/drinks except for breakfast.

International flights



Through our agency, it is possible to book plane tickets and the last night in Madrid after the tour.